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Enter the Recluse's Den

“Come in, come in. Are you coming all the way from town? Have you had lunch?” The interview seemed to have begun right at the door as Tabu welcomed me into her office. Except that there was an unexpected role reversal here, with me becoming the interviewee and she, the interviewer.

Looking her casual and pretty self in a top and pants, her hair tied up and ‘namesake’ make-up not targeted at concealing anything, Tabu revels in her natural beauty. Age is certainly not a concern for this actress, although she uses the age factor to her advantage to avoid any questions that she doesn’t want to answer. “I don’t have any sensational quotes to give you. I am older na, so my interview will be different,” she says diplomatically, when she sniffs controversy. Or brings out her scissorhands and goes “cut cut cut” to the question with her fingers.

In fact, there is no scope for the conversation to even veer towards current affairs as anything that requires her to give an opinion on or comment a…

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