A Dream

Sometimes my heart makes me feel,
I wish I would be living in a world,
Surrounded by greenery, void of all tensions,
I would have nobody around me,
Only my grand parent and I,
We both would live happily.

There would be nothing like money,
For a bee to own its honey,
There would exist a little cottage,
Surrounded by a boundary of garden,
In which would live several families of flowers.
Only my loving companion and I.

Each day would be filled with a feeling of happiness.
With the early sunshine in the morning,
I would wake up to see the nature’s beauty shining.
There would be no shouting,
Or quarrels filled with lightening.

There would be no restrictions,
That would be laid upon me and my imagination.
A peaceful world, filled with peace and happiness.
A daily routine, which would go on everyday,
A primary school in which I would go,
To make my mind playful and gay.
Nobody would grow big but remain small forever.


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