Black Ecstasy

  I like to call her my baby though she’s been with me through thick and thin and stood by me more like a companion. She came to me at a time when I needed her most. It was during college days! After bestowing several years of her dedicated and patient service to my dad, she finally came to me in a brand new package, all geared up to render what it takes to an entirely different generation. Despite being used to pampering and perfect grooming from my dad, Black Ecstasy (as I have christened her), took and continues to take all my carelessness and ignorance towards her with much grace.
  My loyalty for her keeps shaking at regular intervals but she has failed to give up on hers. Whether it was less air in her legs or less oil in her tummy, she never complains. I have been a consistent brat who despite not taking good care of her, curses her at various instances when she stops midway and refuses to start. “What the hell! You can’t do this to me now! We are in the middle of the road and stopping the traffic. Come on. Don’t embarrass me. Be a good baby and get started,” I murmur in a rather disgusted than pleading tone. And how she always (well most of the time) gets it! Though I must admit that there are times when she doesn’t. And makes me walk miles in search of her food. But then, that’s only fair. I deserve a taste of my arrogance too sometimes.
  The period of the year when I shower her with the choicest bad words is during monsoons. Because that’s when I get drenched every single day, thanks to Ecstasy’s limitations. As a result of one of my bouts of frustration and irritation, my dad was compelled to suggest on one fine rainy day, “Let’s buy you a new one!” A sudden panic ran through me. “A new one,” I thought. “And what about Black Ecstasy?” I asked with sheer fright. “We’ll sell her off,” dad said. “No way. I am not selling Ecstasy at any cost,” I protested. That day I realised what importance she had in my life. I couldn’t imagine anything taking her place. I needed her as much as she needed me. She is used to my bratty behaviour alright and I am used to her shortcomings.
  Some things in life are not replaceable and Ecstasy is one of them. She has experienced the most cherished moments of my life with me. Whether it was the first day of college, the first date or first day of work, she was there to witness all my happy and tense moments. She has been there like a confidante with whom I have shared a love-hate relationship, love from her end and hatred from mine. But no matter how much I hate her, she will always remain my baby, without whom I can’t make do for long. She is already aging fast and I know she soon won’t be able to accompany me each day like she does now. But I feel relieved thinking that her old age would be my payback time, when I will provide her the security and never ending faithfulness that she has all these years.
  She has been the resilient factor in my life, she is my Black Ecstasy, my bike!


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